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Nixie Clocks Skriv ut E-post
Skrivet av Pejjo   

The new nixie clock design is almost ready. It's a slim design for IN-14 tubes with good performance.






  • Tubevoltage controlled by microcontroller.
  • Tube dimming (by duty cycle) is possible, manually or with LDR.
  • Under and over voltage detect on supply voltage.
  • Built in memory backup
  • Support for DCF-77 (and possibly GPS in later firmware)
  • Serial port for firmware upgrade
  • IR-Remote sensor for adjustment and control
  • Tube illumination LEDs
  • Case can be designed really slim
  • 32.768kHz oscillator for good accuracy
  • 8Mhz clock frequecy and relaxed tube-driving gives plenty of CPU time for effects
  • Source code avalible
  • Tested with IN-14 and IN-16. Work with IN-18 in progress.

Currently, sold as PCB only. Component kits can be arranged.

Senast uppdaterad ( 2008-12-10 )
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